Axel Filip is a drummer and composer from Cordoba, Argentina. 
He's recorded more than 20 albums as a side man- moving between jazz, creative music and other genres-  and on 2019 released his first album as a leader, called "El equilibrio secreto de las cosas" (ears&eyes records). 
On 2020 he released a digital EP called "Sesion Efenea" (Club del Disco), featuring three tunes by Argentinean contemporary composers adapted to his 6-piece band. 
On 2021 is planning to release his second album with a new quartet, featuring Mariano Sarra on piano, Flavio Romero on bass, Pablo Passini as special guest on guitar, and Axel Filip on drums, vocals and composition.
He also performed or/and recorded with Damsel Talk, Big Nant, Camila Nebbia, Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Sol Liebeskind, Frederic Heliodoro, Hernan Jacinto, Sergio Wagner, Fred Selva, Andres Beeuwsaert, Tomas Cabado, Sebastian de Urquiza, Ernesto Jodos, Francisco LoVuolo, Kazuki Yamanaka, Kenneth Jimenez, Sebastian Greschuk, Juan Pablo Arredondo, Mariano Sivori, Ramiro Flores, Rodrigo Dominguez, among others.